May 2011

The 2011 Pittsburgh Biennial is co-presented/curated this year by Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh Filmmakers, Carnegie Museum of Art and The Andy Warhol Museum, opening June 10 - October 23, 2011. Elizabeth Mooney (Adjunct Faculty) and Natalie Settles (Adjunct Faculty), Jacob Ciocci (MFA '05), Jennifer Gooch (MFA '09), Gregory Witt (MFA '09, Adjunct Faculty), Chris Kardambikis (BFA '05) William Kofmehl III (BFA '03) and Luke Loeffler (MFA '13) exhibit at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. JustSeeds - including Mary Tremonte (BFA '00), Lize Mogel (BFA '92), SubRosa - including Hyla Willis (MFA '99) , Temporary Services - including Marc Fischer (BFA '93) exhibit at the Miller Gallery. Jamie Gruszka (Adjunct Faculty), Zak Prekop (BFA '01) exhibit at the Carnegie Museum of Art, and Lilith Bailey Kroll (MFA '06), Patricia Bellan-Gillen (Professor of Art), Kim Beck, Cara Erskine (former Adjunct Faculty, Miller Gallery Exhibition Coordinator), Dara Birnbaum (A'69), T. Foley (SFCI Fellow), Amisha Gadani (BFA '07), Jill Miller (Visiting Faculty), Ayanah Moore (Associate Faculty), Diane Samuels (BFA '70), MFA '76) and Renee Stout (BFA '80) at the Andy Warhol Museum.

Kim Beck's (Associate Professor of Art) Space Available presents three sculptures resembling the skeletal framework behind advertising billboards, installed on rooftops of buildings around the southern end of the High Line between West 13th and Gansevoort Streets on view through January 2012. Beck presented an artist talk on May 6 at Bumble and bumble about the evolution of Space Available and her other work addressing overlooked and marginal space, and a hands-on Family Arts Workshop on the High Line May 7.

Patricia Bellan-Gillen (Dorothy L. Stubnitz Professor of Art) will be an artist in residence in the Drawing Room at Camberwell College of Art in Wimbledon, UK. During the two-week residency, she will create a site-specific drawing.

A team from the Moon Arts Group in the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry including Lowry Burgess (Professor of Art), the Principle Investigator, will be doing several presentation at the International Space Development Conference in Huntsville, Alabama on May 20-21. The Group will do presentations on Space Culture and the Moon Arts projects. The ISDC is the premier Space conference in the US and is attended by 1500 people annually, convened in different cities each year.

Elaine A. King (Professor of Art History & Theory) was invited to give a paper and chair the panel "The Mechanisms that Launch an Artist's Career" at the Transcultural Exchange International Conference in Boston, MA on 5 April. In her talk she framed the discussion, by addressing the evolving contemporary art world system and the challenges facing both contemporary art critics and artists. King expressed that "the era when a few powerful critics could sway the viewer and catapult an artist to star power is long gone. We are in an era of celebrity culture—a singular dominant mainstream culture is dead however the market is all powerful!" The other panelists included Nuit Banai, professor at Tufts and regular contributor to Artforum, Art Papers, Modern Painters and Frieze, Steven Zevitas, publisher of New American Painters and director/owner of Steven Zevitas Gallery and Jeremy Adams, Executive Director, CUE Foundation, NYC, NY.

Rich Pell (Assistant Professor of Art) opened the Center for PostNatural History on Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, this month, and was recently interviewed by We Make Money Not Art.

Jon Rubin (Assistant Professor of Art) and Ben Kinsley (Adjunct Faculty/MFA '08) are collaborating to create a site-specific work to take place along Ålekistevej Street in Copenhagen, Denmark in conjunction with the exhibition "Lokal Global Plan". The exhibition runs May 17 - June 5, 2011.

Mary Weidner (Professor of Art) exhibits in "9x12 Budapest" at Ferencvarosi Pince Gallery in Budapest, Hungary, May 26-June 19. The international exhibit, curated by Beata Szechy, includes artists works from North America, Europe and Asia. Weidner is also showing a drawing and a handmade book, in the traveling exhibition "Voices and Visions: Standing on the Bridge Between Health and Disease" at Lakewood Art Center; Portland, Oregon, May 9-24. The exhibit, curated by Caren Helene Rudman, gives voice to those who have been touched by women's health, who may live in fear, or who are previvors or survivors of women's cancers.


Elizabeth Catlett, who received an honorary degree from Carnegie Mellon in 2009, was recently featured in the New York Times, for her current exhibition "Stargazers" at the Bronx Museum of Art. Callet was originally accepted to CMU in the fall of 1937 with full scholarship, until it was revealed that she was a woman of color. Seventy-six years later, CMU awarded her an honorary doctorate in recognition of a lifetime's work as a sculptor and printmaker. After decades of living and making art in Mexico, she had already become a legendary figure to many in the art world, to the point where some were even surprised to learn she was still alive.

Andy Warhol's (A'49) work will be on view in "Warhol at Work: Portrait Snapshots, 1973-1986" at the University of Chicago's Smart Museum, May 10 ­ August 21, 2011.

Janet Culbertson (BFA '53) exhibits he solo show "VITAL SIGNS 2011" on view now through May 31 at South Street gallery in Greenport, NY. "As an artist, I cannot escape the mostly disastrous news events, so I try to deal with them in paint."

Linda Fleming (A '63-66) presents a solo exhibit, "Modeling the Universe," at the Nevada Museum of Art in Reno, July 2, 2011 - November 6, 2011.

Susan Schwalb (BFA '65) presents work in the Sofia International Paper Art Biennial 2011 curated by Thalia Vrachopoulo, Bulgaria, May 3 - June 30, 2011, and "Silver: Points of Departure" Tinney Contemporary Gallery, Nashville, TN, June 25-July 30, 2011. Currently her work is on display at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, "Drawings for the New Century" until September 11, 2011.

Diane Samuels (BFA '70, MFA '76) presents "A NOISELSS patient spider," a solo show at Kim Foster Gallery in NYC, April 28 - June 4, 2011.

Diane Samuels (BFA '70, MFA '76) and Dawn Weleski (BFA '09) exhibit in "Neighb(u)rhood" at the Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh, PA, opening May 13. Alongside artists Glenn Loughran, Ferhat Özgür, Seamus Nolan, Sarah Pierce/The Metropolitan Complex, John Smith and Elisabeth Subrin, the exhibition refers to a difference of translation but also an assertion of the role of oneself in the existence of neighborhood. Neighbo(u)rhood will reflect upon and open discussion on areas including the neighbor, participation, community, the common, democracy, socio-political shifts and immigration. The exhibition will be presented both at the Mattress Factory and in different sites in Pittsburgh. A related series of public talks and events will also take place throughout the exhibition period with their starting points being some of the exhibition's many underlying subjects. "Neighbo(u)rhood" is on view through August 21, 2011.

Deborah Kass (BFA '74) presents Deborah Kass: A Mid-Career Retrospecitve" at <The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, PA, in February 2012. Curated by museum Diretcor, Eric Shiner, the show will include about 75 works ranging from her drawings, paintings and sculpture.

Jamie Adams' (BFA '83) solo show, "Paris Dream'n" at Philip Slein in St. Louis was reviewed by Ivy Cooper in the May issue of Art in America.

Laura Sharp Wilson (BFA '87) has a solo show titled "Utah" at McKenzie Fine Art in NYC. Wilson's work will also be included in a group show of abstract painting called "Cries and Whispers" at Sam Lee Gallery in Los Angeles, CA, opening April 23.

Bill Urban (BFA '64) exhibited a solo show of paintings at Artspace Gallery in Huntsville, Ontario this April.

Denise Suska Green (BFA '81) is a Pittsburgh Arts Council Special Opportunity Award grantee for learning porcelain casting and decoration techniques in Jingdezhen, China, where she has been invited as a visiting artist with West Virginia University's International Ceramics Program in partnership with Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute.

Jamie Adams (BFA '83) curates "Cinematic Bodies", a group show at Zolla/Lieberman Gallery, on view May 20 - August 25, 2011. Artists featured: Jamie Adams, Katherine Kuharic (BFA '84), Roland Becerra, Melanie Bonajo, Christopher Brown, Michael Byron, Peter Drake, Teodor Dumitrescu, Vernon Fisher, Cameron Gray, Jane Hammond, David Humphrey, Kurt Kauper, Kris Lewis, Heather Marshall, Elizabeth Peyton, Jennifer Presant, Al Souza, Marcelino Stuhmer, Rosemary Warner, Robin Williams and Su-en Wong.

Rosina Santana is showing at La 15 Gallery the eternally recyclable piece "Coconuts" as a benefit performance for a cancer patient. Rosina also appears in the Puerto Rico Film Commission sponsored documentary Cosiendo Agua, an ecofilm on the work of Puerto Rican artist Dhara Rivera.

Carolyn Speranza (BFA '85) curates "Too Shallow for Diving: the Twenty-First Century is Treading Water" at American Jewish Museum, Jewish Community Center, Pittsburgh, PA, opening May 14 at 7pm. The exhibiton features a number of SOA alumni, current and former faculty, and fellows from CFA's STUDIO for Creative Inquiry: Jamie Gruzska, Carolyn Speranza, Ann Rosenthal, Steffi Domike, Jim Denney, Lisa Link and Reiko Goto.

Laura Sharp Wilson (BFA '87) exhibits in "Cries & Whispers," a group show presented by Sam Lee Gallery and co-curator Paul W. Evans in Los Angeles, CA, through June 4, 2011.

Laura Sharp Wilson (BFA '87) is interviewed in China Shop in conjunction with the group show, "Cries and Whispers" at Sam Lee Gallery in Los Angeles.

Elaine Erne (BFA '88) presents "Mr. Bunny Misses His Friends" new work at NEXUS, Foundation for the Today's Art, Philadelphia, PA., opening May 12 on view through June 3.

Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA) presents the "New Media Exhibition Re-Drawing Boundaries" featuring key innovators in Locative Media, New Media and Mapping. The show is curated by Jeremy Hight with senior curators Lanfranco Aceti and Christiane Paul and includes work by Teri Rueb (BFA '90) and Lize Mogul (BFA '92).

Grace Summanen (BFA '96) presents her MFA Thesis Exhibition "Dimension" at Kent State University, School of Art Main Gallery, May 11-13, 2011.

Leah Piepgras (MFA '97) launches "Consumption Dinnerware," a five-piece place setting used during the mental, physical, and spiritual act of consuming. The dishes are a map of the digestive tract from mouth to anus. They are a reminder of the processes that are taking placing within you while you are eating, promoting an exercise in mindfulness. These dishes are produced in a limited edition by Pickard China, official china producer for the White House and will be shown at the third annual Model Citizens NYC (90+ U.S and international designers), May 2011 at the Chelsea Museum in New York during the ICFF and Design Week NYC.

Laleh Mehran (MFA '97) presents "In the Public Eye," a mandatory garment that is featured in the "do it" exhibition at the Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design in Denver, Colorado. The exhibition centers on the notion of interpretation as an artistic principle and runs May 6 - July 29, 2011.

Arden Bendler Browning (BFA '97) presented "Splinters," a solo show at the Delaware Center for Contemporary Art this spring.

Thommy Conrony (BFA ---) presents "The End", a solo show of new works at Mendelson Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pa, opening May 12 with a reception from 6-8:30pm. The show will be on view through June 4, 2011.

Fereshteh Toosi (MFA '04) exhibits in "Where Do We Migrate To?," curated by Niels Van Tomme for The Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture at University of Maryland, Baltimore County through April 30.

Luke Meeken (BFA '05) enrolls in the Masters of Art Education program at Virginia Commonwealth University this fall.

Blithe Riley (MFA '05) presents "The Edna Experiments," a multi-media installation project based on the found diaries of a rural housewife named Edna at Gallery Aferro in Newark, NJ, May 7 - June 3, 2011.

Jacob Ciocci (MFA '05) exhibited in the group show "Cartoon Polymaths" with Paper Rad, at the Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Gallery, curated by Bill Kartalopoulos, February 4-April 15, 2011.

Stephanie Armbruster (BFA '06) is a Pittsburgh Arts Council Special Opportunity Grant Aawrdee for her upcoming solo exhibit at 709 Penn Gallery in Pittsburgh, PA, July 15 - September 11, 2011.

Jesse Hulcher (MFA '06) presented his solo show "STRAIGHT OUTTA CompUSA" at SPACE Gallery in Pittsburgh, PA, through May 1.

Michelle Lee (BFA '09) will be a M.A. Candidate in Art and Art Education at Columbia University, Teachers College this fall.


Congratulations to the 2011 School of Art Awardees! Augusta Fisher Porter Freshman Award – Caroline Record; Emily Phyllis Howard Freshman Award – Jamie Walters; Joseph B Ellis Freshman Award – Michael Bennett; Wilfred Readio Freshman Award – Justin Lin; Emily Phyllis Howard Sophomore Award – Emily Wobb; Anne Ophelia Dowden Sophomore Award – Sarah Ceurvorst; Wilfred Readio Sophomore Award – Mitsuko Verdery; Samuel Rosenberg Sophomore Award – Laura Westover; Emily Phyllis Howard Junior Award – Julie Mallis; Wilfred Readio Junior Award – Megan Trott; Samuel Rosenberg Junior Award – Julia Cahill; Marjory Glassburn Francis Junior Award – Anya Weitzman; Samuel Rosenberg Senior Awards - Michael Royce, Lizzee Solomon, Sibel Ergener, Meg Callen, Haydee Nuala; Marjory Glassburn Francis Senior Award - Sara Schoenberger; Interdisciplinary Award – Dan Wilcox (MFA '13) and Heather Knight (HCII); C.G Doyglas "Wrong Way" Corrigan Travel Fellowship - Agnes Bolt and Nina Sarnelle (MFA '12).

Audra Wist (BFA '13) has received a Yale/Norfolk summer residency scholarship.

Julie Mallis (BHA '12) did a live painting at the Irma Freeman Center for Imagination, Pittsburgh, PA, on May 7 at "Interweave: Collective Dance Coalescence". She received the Tartans Abroad Scholarship in addition to an ISURG to connect Somali refugees in Amsterdam and Pittsburgh through GigaPan technology during Summer 2011.

Julia Cahill (BFA '12) received an art grant to do a performance at Wickerman Burn, June 16-20, 2011, at Four Quarters in Artemas, PA.

Riley Harmon (MFA '12) participates/exhibits in the following this summer: Live performers meeting, May 18-23; BYOB Venice Biennale Internet Pavilion, June; residency at Kitchen & Performances w/ June-late Aug; CMU Venice Project in July; and US exhibitions "You.Here" Cincinnati, OH, June; RAID Projects, Los Angeles, CA, July; 319 Scholes, NYC, July; Acid Rain Broadcast NYC, NC, July; and has a recent mention on Rhizome.

Scott Andrew (MFA '13) will have three photos from his "Organza Orgazmica" series, created in collaboration with Elin Lennox and Michael McParlane (both BFA '08), featured in the Three Rivers Arts Festival's Juried Visual Arts Exhibition. The exhibition will take place from June 3-12 in the Trust Arts Educational Center, 805/807 Liberty Avenue.

Dan Wilcox (MFA '13) received the Max Kade Study Abroad Scholarship through the modern languages department and is currently in Berlin taking a 2 month German course at the Goethe Institute. He is also reviewers for academic papers submitted to the Pure Data Convention 2011 in Weimer Germany in August.

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